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2022 Kan Jam Summer Tournament - Wilmington NC - AUG 28!

Wilmington, we're back! Sunday, Aug 28 is the 2nd Kan Jam World League Tournament in Wilmington NC. Come on out and play!



Registration will be open soon for official Kan Jam World League tournaments in

  • Frederick MD - Sept 2022

If you're interested in bringing an official KJWL tournament to your city please email us at and let's talk!

New To Kan Jam?

Kan Jam World League features the incredibly popular Discflect sport where teams of two go head-to-head in a fun, exciting competition. 

Kan Jam goals are placed 50 (Pro), 35 (Amateur), or 25 (Youth) feet apart and each teammate stands at opposite goals. Their mission is to throw the disc toward their teammate who tries to deflect the disc into the Kan Jam goal. Teams take turns throwing and the first to make it to 21 wins!



Congrats to Davy & Grant, aka Team "Kan't Stop, Won't Stop" for pulling out all the stops and winning our first Los Angeles tournament! 

Denver Kan Jam Tournament

Congrats to Alex & Matt aka Team Buzzsaw for crushing it at our first Denver, Colorado Kan Jam World League tournament. They powered through some intense competition to take home $100 cash, $100 in B Fresh Gear, and two brand new Kan Jam sets!

Wilmington , North Carolina Kan Jam Tournament

Our inaugural Kan Jam World League tournament took place in Wilmington NC on Sunday, April 10.  Players and spectators all had a great time and we're already planning the next event. The next tournament city to be announced soon so check back or follow us on Instagram @KanJamWorldLeague

Congrats to our Wilmington Spring 2022 Champs Adam & Kyle!